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Long Beach, California is located on the western seaboard of the United States and is blessed with nearly year round sunshine. It is the 36th most populous city in the U.S, with a total population of over 500,000 people, as of 2016.

As its name suggests, Long Beach is blessed by world class white sand beaches that seem to stretch on forever into the distance. Aside from a couple of busy spots, you certainly won’t have trouble finding a place to get your own patch of sand and with year round days of sunshine, every day is a great day at the beach. Though famous for its beaches, there is a lot more to Long Beach than just its beaches. The great news is that loads of these activities are completely free!

Alamitos Beach

1. Hit the Beach

No self-respecting list of free things to do in Long Beach would be complete without the beach at top of the list. There is mile upon mile of perfect sand, so grab your bucket and shovel and head out for some fun. Swimming anywhere should be fine, though it is definitely worth sticking around the lifeguard areas to make sure that they have got your back in case you get into trouble.

Long Beach at Night

2. Stroll along the Oceanfront at Night

A nighttime stroll along the Long Beach waterfront is a perfect way to work up an appetite in those long cool California nights. The whole area is stunning, with amazing sunset views over the Queen Mary and evocative lighthouses, there is plenty to see here. Stroll along well-paved paths beside beautifully kept lawns and trees, hand in hand with a loved one, for that superlative romantic evening that you will never forget.

Shoreline Village

3. Visit Shoreline Village

Shoreline Village is a great place for people with families and young children. Set in a marina, the whole area is packed full of restaurants, shops, and even boardwalk games. There is also a really nice indoor amusement park for the kids to safely play in. It is really easy to lose a whole afternoon here without spending any more than the loose change in your pocket.

Museum of Art

4. Long Beach Museum of Art

This great little museum is completely free every Friday, making it an excellent option for people trying to save money. You should plan to spend at least 2 to 3 hours here because there is lots of stuff to see. It is open from 10 am until 5 pm, so you will have plenty of time to see everything.

It’s located at 2300 East Ocean Blvd, Long Beach, CA 90803

The Skinniest House in America

5. The Skinniest House in America

Long Beach is home to the self-proclaimed Skinniest House in America, which if only to cross it off your bucket list is worth the visit alone. Though you can’t go in to look around, from the outside you can only be impressed at how someone is able to live inside at all. You can be sure of one thing; there is no double bed in this home.

The Skinny House can be found at 708 Gladys Avenue, in the Rose Park neighborhood in Long Beach.

Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

6. Earl Burns Miller Japanese Garden

This tranquil 1.3-acre garden is centered around a beautiful pond, and is the perfect place to kick off your shoes and take a few moments to relax. Done in Japanese style, this garden was a gift from the wife of the late Earl Burns Miller. Keep an eye out for the numerous lectures, screenings, and workshops that are hosted here throughout the year. Particularly worth attending is the annual origami festival, which is simply an amazing experience.

Fire Station

7. Long Beach Fire Station

Americans love their history, and there is nothing better than historic buildings to evoke images of times gone by. The Long Beach Fire Station is a simple but really charming, and dates back to 1929 when it was first occupied. The fire station was later also occupied by the local police until eventually, the fire engines got too big and the police needed more rooms, so the building was abandoned.

You can find it at 5365 East 2nd Street Long Beach, CA.

Hill Top Park in Signal Hill

8. Hill Top Park in Signal Hill

Make sure you put on plenty of sunblock because you will find time flies as you stroll around and around this beautiful park. At its center is a circular open space that is surrounded by palm trees with their leaves seemingly reaching up to the heavens.

You can find the park at 2351 Dawson Ave, on Signal Hill.

El Dorado Nature Center

9. El Dorado Nature Center

The center is nature center is full of plants and animals that are a joy to be seen, if you can see them of course. Spotting all the different types of birds in all the undergrowth is a particularly rewarding challenge, one that your kids will love.

Naples Island

10. Naples Island

If you have always dreamed of heading to Naples then this is the next best thing. Though called Naples Island, it is in fact made up of three different islands. Though the islands are not large, strolling along the network of canals and streets that open into the bay is about as close to the real Naples as you can get without actually going there. A great way to spend an afternoon.