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There are lots of things that can get into your nice carpet and make it look tired and dirty. Hair from family members and pets is among the worse problems, though other dirt like mud and even dried food can get clogged in your carpet, making it look more worn out than it actually is.

Anyone with a pet such as a dog or a cat will know just how much hair they shed every year. Using a vacuum to get rid of all this hair will only partially do the trick. Over a period of months and years, lots of hairs and dirt will become too entangled with the carpet and so won’t be removed by the suction pull of even the larger vacuum cleaners.

If you want to get your carpets and rugs really clean, you will need to use a good quality carpet rake. It will make sure that you get out all the hair and dirt that has become too engrained for your vacuum alone to suck out. Not only that, a good rake will revive the matted appearance to your carpet by making it regain much of its texture and fluffiness that is lost as it is walked on.

A rake might take a little more back work than a vacuum, but the effort of raking your carpet will certainly be worth it when you see the results.

What Is a Carpet Rake?

Carpet RakeA carpet rake looks much like a regular broom. It is called a rake because it is designed with thicker bristles which are rigid enough that they can literally drag through a carpet like a rake. These bristles are either made from metal, silicon, plastic or rubber, depending on what type of carpet they are designed for. Generally, metal and silicon bristles are stronger, and are more suitable for thicker carpets than their plastic equivalent.

Metal and silicon bristles tend to be better at pulling out both animal and human hair as they can penetrate deeper into rugs while also being grouped into thicker densities to make them more effective. Plastic rakes can do a very good job too, though you will need to be careful at exactly which rake you buy if you want one for hair removal. Rubber rakes are designed for thin carpets and hard flooring such as laminate.

As a general rule, rakes with thicker bristle density are designed to collect hair, while those with a thinner density of bristles are designed for more general dirt removal and cleaning. They are good at removing small amounts of hair, dried food, and other such dirt, for example.

Why do I need to clean my carpet so thoroughly?

Aside from keeping your carpet looking its best, there is another hidden importance of making sure your carpets and rugs are free of hair and dirt. There is a high possibility that at least one of the people in the home will suffer from at least a mild allergy to the home’s pet, particularly the children.

These allergies can be triggered even when the dog or cat is not even in the same room as the child that suffers from allergies but has been in there at an earlier time. This is because during the course of a day, a dog or a cat sheds thousands of hairs which end up on chairs, surfaces, and of course the carpet. So by regularly cleaning these places, you can greatly reduce the chance that your child or family member will suffer from any allergic reaction as a result of your pet.

Do carpet rakes really work?

A good quality rake will certainly help to clean your carpet and rugs to a standard that a vacuum cleaner simply won’t be able to match. Thanks to their bristles being pulled through the individual carpet weaves, these rakes are able to pull out even the most difficult hairs. As a result, they are widely used by pet owners to help keep their carpets looking their best and free of hair.

You will need to purchase a rake that is suitable for the type of work you want it to do. Should you want it for cleaning hairs from a thick rug for example, you will need to get a rake with long bristles.

What are the benefits and drawbacks of using one?

The main benefit to a carpet rake is that it can remove dirt that even a high-end vacuum cleaner won’t be able to. They are also lightweight and very painless to store, all of which makes them very easy to use. They hold onto fur and so can be cleaned in a matter of seconds by hand, whereas a vacuum cleaner requires disassembling to remove the dirt which is stored inside.

The main disadvantage of carpet rakes is that they are only designed to deal with specific kinds of dirt. They are not as effective at cleaning loose dirt such as food and dust since this won’t get trapped in the bristles. Though the life expectancy of a rake could be in the decades, they are initially rather expensive for what they are. An average rake will set you back between $30 and $40, which is not exactly cheap. Finally, using a rake in a thick carpet can be quite a chore and so it might not be suitable for the elderly or infirmed.

How to use a carpet rake to get the best results

Using a carpet rake is the simple.

Our Top Choice
Groom Industries Grandi Groom Carpet Rake

Groom Industries Grandi Groom Carpet Rake

For the best all-around performer, you need The Groom Industries Grandi Carpet Rake. This superb rake is made in the USA and removes most of your unwanted hair from you carpets without the need to repeatedly go over any parts more than once. It removes even the toughest hairs and dirt from all types of carpets and rugs, thanks to its high-density bristle head. These bristles, or tines as they are known, are made from nylon and so they offer a good level of rigidity that is needed to pull out all those hard to remove hairs. The bristles still offer enough flexibility that should they get caught in the carpet they won’t tear parts of it out.

The rake’s tine density also means that it is really good at getting other difficult dirt such as crushed in food or dried mud out of carpets as well. You can also use this rake on matted carpets and even artificial tuft, making it an excellent option for people who intend to use it on a wide range of different surfaces.

When the results are in, the Grandi Goom offers the best results with the most different types of surfaces. This is why it should definitely be your top choice carpet rake for your home.

Offers the best performance
Made in the USA
Revitalizes carpet
18-inch head
Removes even the toughest hair
Can be used scrub out food stains and mud
Weight: 5 pounds
Dimensions: 60 x 6 x 2 inches

Handle is not adjustable

The Universal Rug Rake Carpet Rake, Pet Hair Remover

The Universal Rug Rake Carpet Rake, Pet Hair RemoverAs its name suggests, this rake has been designed for use with as wide a range of carpets, rugs, and surfaces as possible. It can be used on everything from thick rugs to thin carpets, and will remove a huge variety of hair and dirt.

The ties are bristle plated, which due to their thickness, are excellent at fluffing the carpet to give it that revitalized look. Thinner than most other rakes, the tines are really good at pulling out all those hard to remove hairs that many other rakes would miss. This makes The Universal Carpet Rake a top choice for all people with furry pets that always seem to be messing up their owner’s nice carpets.

Another really good feature of this design is that it holds on to the fluff, hair and dirt that it pulls up instead of dropping it in between strokes. This is something that has been commended by its legion of fans and makes this a much loved rake.

Cleans hair from deep inside carpets
Easy to use
4 ft. extendable handle

Handle is prone to breaking
Limited availability at times

Carlisle 4575100 Commercial Grade 18″ Carpet Rake / Groomer

Carlisle 4575100

Very similar in design to the Gandi Groom, this excellent rake has an 18-inch head that cleans hair and dirt extremely well. It has to be said that this rake is a little on the expensive side, though several of the top online retailers are currently offering it at a discounted price.

It glides effortlessly through even the thickest carpet and does such a good job on the first pass that you will seldom need to go over any areas a second time. It works well on all kinds of carpets and rugs, including matted ones. For some reason, this design tends to work better on thinner carpets than thicker ones and is not as effective at removing hairs when compared to the Grandi Groom Rake.

This is still a very good all-around rake that might not be the best value at its normal retail price, but is definitely worth it should you be able to find it at a reduced price somewhere.

Tines are strong and rigid to renew carpets
Lifts pet hair out from deep in carpets before vacuuming
Releases food and mud stains for effective cleaning
Measures 18 inches in length for added leverage

Handle is not adjustable

Natsukage Groom Carpet Rake Rug Rake Grass Rake Artificial Grass Rake for Human Hair Pet Hair Broom Groom Carpet Brush

Natsukage Groom Carpet RakeThis is another great rake that offers you the chance to give your vacuum a rest by keeping your carpets really clean of heavy dirt. It comes with a fully adjustable handle that is well liked by its users. It is easy to adjust and is really durable, meaning that it will withstand a huge amount of punishment without letting you down.

The second wining feature that makes this design so appealing is its low price. Despite being a solid design, it is roughly 1/3 the price of most other designs on the market. This is perhaps why it is used by such a high percentage of professional carpet cleaners up and down the country.

It comes with thick nylon tines that do a great job at lifting all that unwanted dirt without damaging the carpet.

The top choice of professional carpet cleaners
DuPont nylon tines for maximum dirt removal
Really effective at revitalizing carpets

Takes a little more effort to do deeper cleans

Rubber Broom by Ravmag- Built-in Squeegee Edge

Rubber BroomGenerally, rubber tines offer a wider range of cleaning options but are not as effective in deep hair removal as metal or nylon ones. It has to be said that this design is a surprise success, so far as being a really effective carpet rake goes. It actually cleans really well, though doesn’t preform deep clean with thick carpets as well as some of the better nylon rakes on this list.

Designed more for use on hardwood vinyl carpet and tiles than thick carpets and rugs, it has the added bonus of being able to wash surfaces and carpets as well as cleaning them. Since cat and dog hair is covered in invisible grease which remains even after you remove the hair, cleaning the carpet will naturally make it look fresher and more revitalized.

The rake comes with an inbuilt squeegee that allows you to clean carpets with soapy water and mop up any spilled liquids that your naughty pet has knocked onto the floor.

Heavy duty rake
Soft bristles made from natural rubber
Easy to use
Very little maintenance required
Comes with built-in Squeegee
Fully Washable
Scratch free bristles
Ideal for use on vinyl, hardwood, carpet, cement and tile surfaces
Can be used outdoors

Not good for deep carpet cleaning

Superior Performance Silicone Push Broom

Superior Performance Silicone Push BroomAvailable with either a 42 inch or 54 inch head, this rake is designed for thin carpets or tiled surfaces. Silicone tines are said to last a lot longer than rubber ones as they don’t naturally degrade. For this reason, many people prefer the Superior Performance Silicon Rake to the Rubber Broom by Ravmag, despite the fact they both have similar performance levels.

This is not the rake to buy if you have thick carpets, but is excellent when cleaning thin carpets and hard surfaces such as laminate. It has a built in squeegee to soak up any unwanted liquids and thanks to the silicon tines, it is 100% guaranteed not to scratch or damage any floors or carpets.

Silicone tines
Available in a 48 inch and 52-inch design
For Indoor and outdoor
Water resistant
Long lasting bristles
Built-in squeegee edge

More suited to washing thin carpets that removing deep dirt

Evriholder FURemover Broom

Evriholder FURemover Broom
This amazing broom is available in two designs, one of which features a telescopic handle that allows you to store it anywhere you want.
Both designs feature a natural rubber head that uses the electrostatic charge to attract dirt to the brush. This means that even the smallest pieces of dirt are picked up by this innovative broom.

This brush is ideal for sweeping up pet hair and dirt. Its rubber head means that it can be used on all types of surfaces including carpets, rugs, tiles, and hardwoods. The great thing with this brush is there is absolutely no risk of scratching even the most delicate of surfaces.

The head has a built-in rubber squeegee that allows it to be used to clean floors as well as windows. Its telescopic handle allows adjustment for maximum user comfort. This broom is also available with a small “Duo brush” that is excellent for cleaning cushions, sofas, and beds.

Multi-surface design
Available in standard and telescopic handle designs
Rubber head uses electro-static charge for a better clean
In-built rubber squeegee means it can be used to clean and mop up splits

The handle is weak when fully extended

B.W Carpet Rake

B.W Carpet Rake

If you are someone who is mildly disgusted at the thought of paying in excess of $30 for a rake then this is the option for you. It is a reasonably effective rake that only costs a fraction of the price. Its 5-inch wide head is smaller and makes using it even with thick rugs feel like light work. The disadvantage of this is that it will take longer to clean your carpets than a rake with a bigger head, but this is the tradeoff for the price.

You will also need to factor into the cost the fact that this rake doesn’t come with a handle, which if you don’t already have one, must be purchased separately. All in all, it’s a great value rake that does a pretty good job at keeping your carpets free of dirt.

Our Final Thoughts

Buying a rake for your carpet can be a surprisingly costly affair. If you are going to have to pay in the region of $30 and up for a simple tool to keep your home clean, you need to make sure you are getting the right one.

As you will have seen from the rakes reviewed in this article, there is a surprising amount of difference between the different brands. Which one you ultimately buy really depends on what kind of carpets you intend to use it on and what kind of mess you wish to clean up.

Since most people buy a carpet rake to clean up after their messy pets, you will definitely need to choose a silicon or metal tine head, since these have the strength to get down into even thick carpets and pull all those unwanted hairs out.

For thin carpet or hard floors, you would definitely be advised to go with a rubber tine rake as this will allow you to brush out hairs and other dirt while also allowing you to wash the carpet or flooring with soapy water to get it really clean.