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Everyone loves beer, so it is no surprise that there are hundreds and hundreds of blogs that are dedicated to the stuff. With so many blogs, it can really be hard to trawl through them all to find what you are looking for. Today, there are beer blogs that are dedicated to everything from craft beer to beer festivals.

To help you find what you are after, we have painstakingly put together a list of the 70 top beer blogs. These blogs represent a good cross section of the main types of beer blogs being published online today, so be sure to take the time to look through the entire list and not just the first few.



Started by full-time beer nut Jackie to combine her love for food and craft beer, this is a really informative and well-run blog. It features lots of interesting articles that revolve around really delicious dishes Jackie has eaten, all of which have either been cooked with or eaten with beer. Recent posts include her experience trying out the mouth-watering Grilled Garlic Beer Butter Lobster and delightful sounding Blackberry Galette with Beer Tart Crust.



For those people looking for a pure beer drinker’s blog, Dontdrinkbeer.com features fun and interesting blog posts about one man’s love of all things beer. This is a great site to discover new beers and to laugh out loud while doing it. His whole philosophy is that he drinks beer so you don’t have to. A really great thing with this blog is that you can donate free beer and later read about his experience drinking it.



Belgian Smaak proudly explores the world of Belgian beer and chocolate. The blog produces some of the most informed articles regarding the state of Belgian beer production and frequently has in-depth interviews with the likes of beer café owners, beer historians, and beer producers. If you want to find out why Jorre Vanhemmens regularly takes a bath in mashed grain then you should visit this blog.



As a certified beer judge, Reuben Gray really knows his beer. He created this great blog to promote Ireland’s many beers to the world. His blog covers everything from urban brewing to revealing up and coming beer cities. All his blog posts are well-researched and are really educational. Sadly, the number of posts Reuben has published over the last few years has been declining, that said, he still manages one every week or so.



Based in Bristol, both Jessica Boak and Ray Bailey have been writing about beer since 2007. Their blog posts are highly detailed and really give their readers an in-depth view of what they are about. They cover a range of beer related topics, which emanate not just from Bristol but all around the United Kingdom as a whole. Their beer history articles, such as the one covering George’s Bristol Brewery and the sour British beer produced there, are particularly worth reading.



Aptly named as ‘a place for all things beer’, this great blog covers a wide range of topics that include general beer production and comparisons of different microbreweries. It’s very informed blog posts are crammed with information and first-hand interviews that can’t be found anywhere else. Though predominantly focused on Canada and the United States, there are occasional articles that cover beer related stories from the rest of the world too. A recent article worth noting is the wonderfully titled ‘How to talk to your friend about drinking shitty beer’, a conversation that all us beer lovers have felt like having on more than one occasion, that’s for sure.



What a great name for a beer blog! The blog itself is crammed full of blog posts that will keep you busy for many days and nights. It has plenty of up to date information on the latest beer festivals and even has its own podcast. The guys here are really passionate about their beer and have definitely made this blog the go to place to find all the latest news about great Irish beer!



We all know Chicago as the home of Al Capone, who made his fortune from providing thirsty beer lovers with the stuff during Prohibition. Well, thankfully, things have changed a lot since then and now Chicago produces some of the world’s best beers. If you want to get in on the action then Guysdrinkingbeer.com is the place to go. It has regular blog posts about what’s going on in the city and has a really welcomed beer tasting notes section to let you know their thoughts on how good the different beers there really are.



Anyone who has ever tried non-supermarket European beer will tell you just how delicious it really is. Zythophile is an award-winning blog, which since 2007, has been providing in-depth insight into beer. Its founder, Martyn Cornell has even written a book, entirely about beer, proving just how much he loves the stuff. His book, entitled Amber, Gold & Black, definitely makes interesting reading for all those beer nuts out there. With plenty of great articles, this is a must read blog if you are planning your next beer drinking holiday.



If you want to find out what the best Canadian craft beers really are then Mikescraftbeer.com is the blog for you. A true beer drinker’s paradise, Mike sticks to what’s important; he samples all the different beers he can get his hands on, and then writes about them in explicit detail. This includes everything from a complete taste breakdown, serving instructions, to alcohol and IBU content. Be careful, however, as reading his different beer descriptions is going to make you really thirsty for many of these great beers.



It seems like this blog has been around forever. Even though this Dublin based beer lover has been blogging since 2005, he still manages to find plenty of interesting beer topics and events to write about. His list of favorite brew pubs is quite possibly the most extensive available, showing just how much this guy worships good beer. He offers a really good breakdown of all the beer he samples, while also throwing in useful comparisons to other beers to help give a better perspective.



Paul Bailey, whom the blog is named after, offers a mix of passion and humor as his blogs follow his journey around Europe to find the best beer spots. Over the last ten years or so, he has written about everything from the best pubs in Manchester to his favorite places in the Bavarian capital of Munich. Amazingly, he seems to manage to be a full-time beer blogger, usually posting several items a day. Hopefully, Paul is taking it easy on the beer drinking side of things, as his loyal reader’s hope he is able to continue his excellent blog for many years to come.



Lucy Corne has literally traveled the world searching for great beer. Originally from the UK, she has traveled numerous countries, even as far away as South Korea in search of the perfect pint. She wrote the first book dedicated to South African beer while still finding time to keep up her Brewmistress blog. Her site is crammed full of interesting beer posts and even gives you the chance to win tickets to various beer events and festivals.



Brookston Beer Bulletin is a beer blog that is primarily concerned with historic events relating to beer. If you want to find out who Thomas William Everard and Peter Straub were to the world of beer, then this is the site for you. Usually updated with 2 or 3 posts daily, this is certainly not a site that you will find yourself frustrated with for a lack of new posts.



This might not be the prettiest site out there, but what it lacks in the way of aesthetics, it makes up for with sheer content. Crammed full of beer brewing tips, recipes, podcasts, and even courses, this great site is a must for all the beer brewers out there. You can even order Beersmith’s own brewing software to help you learn how to brew the perfect pint.



Minnesota might not be the first place you think of when you think of beer, but this blog might just put it on the map for you. It is full of all the latest upcoming events, including the heavenly sounding ‘Land of 10,000 Beers’ exhibition. Now, who among you could possibly not visit this blog after reading that? Even if you don’t live in Minnesota, there is plenty of information here about new beer releases and some really fun ‘beer stories’ to keep you occupied.



If you are looking for raw beer news stories and the occasional beer review then Tenemu.com is the perfect choice. Here you can find out all about Oskar Blues Brewery’s latest releases, why a man was arrested for selling beer on Mybeercellar.com, and read a selection of photo essays that feature important brewers. Sadly, as far as in-depth blog articles go, they have been rather thin on the ground since 2014, but nonetheless, there is still plenty of news here to keep you up to date with all the top beer stories.



Stan Hieronymus is another beer brewing fanatic. He has already authored a number of really well-researched books including the popular ‘Brewing Local’, which is available on Amazon or through the blog’s store. This is one of the few blogs to bring together new posts and articles from other leading blogs so that you never miss out on the top stories and events. He also produces his own blogs on everything from Oktoberfest to the latest beer releases.



Larsblog or Garshol.priv.no is a blog that brings together all the top stories and innovations in the Norwegian beer scene. The site’s various blog writers manage to get into some amazing places to find out lots of really fascinating stories, including the ways Norwegian brewers are experimenting to try to improve the craft beers we all love to drink. It would definitely be nice to see more blog posts every month, but perhaps the guys at Garshol.priv.no are too busy drinking the stuff to write about it.



Another leading Chicago beer blog, The Hop Review is packed full of great blog posts and a few fairly unique things like their own ‘Comprehensive brewery list of Chicago’ and their ‘Approved list of beer bars of Chicago’. With a new blog post every week or so, you might not be visiting this blog as much as some of the others on this list, but nonetheless, it is still a great place to find all the top beer stories that Chicago has to offer.



If you want to keep up with all Colorado’s beer events and latest news, then you need to pay the Colorado Beer Girl’s blog a visit. She could certainly do with tweaking the layout a little, but otherwise, this is a great little blog that offers a really refreshing personal touch. You can follow her as she tries out new beers, visits local breweries and even shares her ‘cooking with beer recipes’. Another nice little touch is she also shares all her own favorite beer blogs for you to check out as well.



This is the top choice beer blog for people living in the UK’s Midlands. Its blog posts cover lots of topics but mainly focus on informing readers about up and coming beer events. The blog has produced its very own ‘beer map’ that details all the best drinking establishments and breweries in the area. It would be great to hear a little more insight into what kinds of beers the guys at Midlandsbeerblog.co.uk like to drink, provided they can find the time, of course.



Knut Albert’s beer blog was started for Albert’s “own amusement”. The blog combines his love for travel with his passion for drinking beer. He doesn’t post that much, but when he does, reading about his beer filled adventures will really make you laugh and wish you were there with him. It’s always nice to read a blogger’s firsthand account of the places they have been and the beers that they have enjoyed. There is a nice section on Norway’s best microbreweries, which are must visit places for sure.



This simple blog features fairly regular blogs that are completely dedicated to celebrating the graphic designs that have been created for beer. This is a refreshing angle on the classic beer blog and something that makes this site quite original and definitely worth adding to your bookmarks. It has a nice little store from the site where you can buy many of your favorite designs to enjoy in your home.



A blog that has managed to keep up a strong pace in terms of a number of posts over the years, Real Beer is a nice mix of beer and brewery reviews, news, and other stories relating to beer culture. Its entire archive can be easily accessed thanks to the indexed archive which can be found down the right-hand side of the page. It also has a list of affiliated blogs that cover everything from Beer Haikus to Grilling with Beer. Sounds delicious!



Beer Hawk’s fundamental mission is to hunt down the world’s best beers so that the rest of us can drink them. Thankfully, the site includes an online store that allows us all to buy many of the different beers reviewed on the site and help us to fulfill the site’s goal. The site also allows you to choose from any number of great beer gifts for that special person in your life, who naturally, has the same love for great beer. This site is a cross between a beer review site and Amazon.



Brew Public is a beer blog with a real social conscience. Not only does it publish articles on all the ’finest craft ales, lagers, yeast culture, and all things beer and brewing related’ but it also helps to raise money for charities by promoting events such as beer fundraisers. These mostly cover the areas of Portland, Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, but the blog articles definitely make for good reading to the rest of us.



Canadian Beer News is the main authority on Canadian beer. It is a really comprehensive site that releases 4 to 5 blog posts and news articles per day. So if you are looking to find all the latest beer releases, brewery news, beer news, and events, even to buy all the best beer books & magazines, this is the site for you. If only for its beer festival calendar and Canadian beer news section, it is worth bookmarking.



If you would rather hit the bars, breweries, and distilleries to sample the best of what Canada has to offer, then this is definitely the site for you. Mom and Hops has a full list of all these places and more, all of which are located in places throughout Canada. They carry all the latest news relating to beer and cider releases, and have a unique job posting board where you can find jobs within the industry. Right now, there are over 100 jobs advertised, so hurry fast and grab the job of a lifetime.



Founded in 2010, Focus on the Beer is a blog that is entirely devoted to craft beer in the Colorado region of the US. Their aim is to help the world discover all the great breweries that the region has to offer by producing articles and podcasts about them. There are plenty of historic articles here to be read, while you can usually expect 1 or 2 articles a week to keep you up to date with everything going on in the Colorado beer scene.



Few people who have ever read the blog believe SommBeer’s slogan: “We don’t take serious beer too seriously”. This well-designed site is crammed full of articles that cover everything from the author’s brewery travels to the latest beer releases. The site has even launched its very own app called The SommBeer App, with which you can find all the best breweries and leave your feedback to help others find the perfect pint.



Comprising of the latest news and in-depth articles, this blog is a really great way to expand your horizons on all things beer. It’s another blog that mixes beer and great food to help readers truly experience the best of both worlds. It has some really interesting beer brewing recipes and an extensive home brewing section that will certainly help improve your home brew.



Featuring a list of all of central Oregon’s breweries that includes links to their websites where you can view each one in detail, it doesn’t take viewers long to see what The Brew Site is all about. It lists all the upcoming beer events and reviews pretty much every beer that has ever been available in Oregon, no matter where they were brewed. Keep an eye out for the site’s ‘beer of the week’ section, as this is a really great way to find new and delicious beers to drink.



Noah Forrest is a Montreal native who is crazy about his city’s beer, and for that matter, every city’s great beer. He spends his time touring his native Montreal and the rest of Canada in order to visit breweries to find the most delicious beer and beer making techniques to write about. His articles show just how much he loves his beer, they combine all the interesting facts that beer lovers want to know, including clear taste descriptions about this delicious drink that we all love so much.



A lesser-known but reasonably good Canadian beer blog is Beercrank.ca. As a blogger based in Manitoba, which is about as far in the middle of nowhere as you can possibly get, it is amazing just how well this blog has Canadian beer and its breweries covered. It has an extensive Canadian breweries list and is soon to be releasing a comprehensive guide to all the breweries in Manitoba, which promises to be really interesting. Beercrank.ca is essential reading for anyone planning a trip to Canada any time soon.



100% dedicated to Cincinnati’s beer scene, The Gnarly Gnome is the go to blog when it comes to Cincinnati. It seems amazing that someone is able to find so much to write about in just one city, but ‘The Gnome’ manages to publish 4 to 5 blog posts a week. A must read if you live in the city, keep an eye out for the informative ‘beer tasting notes’ section.



The good people behind the BeerYeti.com have traveled far and wide to try to find all the best beers that the United States and the United Kingdom have to offer. The site provides beer news stories and reviews to more than 100,000 beer lovers from around the world. It reviews all the pubs & bars that they visit to let their loyal readers know what they loved about each one.



A blog that is really lighthearted and fun to read, Brew Review Crew has been featured in a number of different websites’ list of ‘top 100 beer blogs’ to follow. The guys who write this great blog take only 2 things seriously, beer and football. The site is full of beer reviews, news, and lots of other fascinating beer trivia. There is the option to listen to the guys talk about beer on their podcast, though again, we would love the guys to release them more often.



Pivni Filosof is a self-proclaimed philosopher who set up this site to give people the chance to read some of his musings. In fact, his blog is more like a lighthearted diary where he journeys from place to place meeting up with old friends over a nice pint of craft beer. You will find yourself roaring with laughter at times, while other times being fascinated at Pivni’s great insights into the wider world and, of course, the beer he is drinking.



This blog is pure beer reviews. It has to be said that this is exactly what people think of when it comes to a beer blog. There is row after row of different beer reviews that have a brief audio accompaniment with them. With this system, it is really fast and easy to find tasty new beers without having to read through tons of articles. So far the guys have reviewed over 1,500+ bottles of beer, and thankfully, show no signs of slowing down.



The Beer Cast is Edinburgh’s premium beer website that is only interested in letting you know what the best beers really are. The blog is almost entirely dedicated to giving beer of the week reviews, in order to let you know exactly what they thought each type of beer tastes like. If you are looking to find the best Scottish or English beer, then this is the blog to follow.



This is Jordan St. John’s blog. He is one of Canada’s leading beer writers, something that certainly tells you that he knows his stuff. His blog has in-depth and informative articles on a range of beer related topics, including beer reviews and stories about his trips to breweries. His style lends a really personal touch to his articles and really makes it feel like he is bringing you along for the journey. This is definitely a great beer blog for those who love to read.



There is nothing better than sitting outside, the hot sun beating down on your back, while you enjoy a delicious cool beer. The Summer Beer Review is a site that celebrates this amazing experience and all things beer. The site lists all the best summer beer festival events, best beers to drink, and even has recommended music lists, all to ensure that you really have the best summer ever. Keep an eye out for the ‘Summer Fruit Beer’ review, the beer sounds absolutely delicious.



If you are planning a beer trip to the North East of England then you should definitely give this blog a try. The blog is edited by award-winning journalist Alastair Gilmou and is crammed full of pub and bar listings, beer reviews, upcoming events, and food guides. It has some really interesting insights into the evolving beer culture in that part of the UK, and paints an interesting picture of how the industry is resisting heavy taxation and property rents in order to keep on providing us with our beloved beer.



This small blog is fueled by sheer passion. Its author, Alec, has combined his love for writing and beer to tirelessly create interesting articles about his own trials and tribulations during those times when he heads out for a pint or two. Based in the UK, follow him on one such journey as he heads to St Albans, and gets through a glass of Früh Kölsch followed by Reissdorf Kölsch, Boon Lambiek, and Schieven IPA by Brasserie De La Senne, and still somehow finds enough sobriety to offer his insights into brewing techniques. This is a great first-hand account of one man and his thirst for great beer.



If you live in Los Angeles and love your beer, then you will almost certainly have heard of Beer Goggles or Insidesocal as it is otherwise known. This blog is widely loved for its support of charitable organizations and causes. Right now the site is helping the victims of Hurricane Harvey by supporting beer events that will raise money for the cause. It has plenty of reviews relating to local and international beers to keep you interested.



With lots of beer reviews, information on upcoming events, quizzes, and even its own store where you can buy beer related accessories, Honest Brew is the top choice for many British beer lovers. The site is really an online store for beer, but in order to raise its profile the guys decided to start a blog to bring more people to the site. To be honest, if you do find yourself browsing their amazing shop, you’ll see that only a brave person could resist buying at least one of their delicious beers.



It seems like the Washington Beer Blog has been around for centuries, but that is probably because any self-respecting beer lover can happily spend an hour or two every day reading some of the great articles from the archive. The beer blogger’s blogger, the author’s output is prolific. Seldom does a day go by without him publishing another interesting article about the world of beer, that also includes all the latest upcoming festivals and events.



This site really is Austin’s source for craft beer news & events. With a dedicated blog that covers the best that Austin, Texas has to offer, the site also features a handy TX brewery map, events board and a bottle shop section, few people can argue that this site doesn’t have everything you want from a great beer blog.



I guess you are all wondering the reason behind this site’s slightly odd name. The reason behind it is the interesting tale it tells of beer aliens who crash landed on earth only to discover their new home planet was the perfect place to brew the stuff. In homage to the gift that these aliens have brought to the people of earth, this site has been blogging about the stuff ever since.



A stone’s throw away from the guys at Craft Beer Austin, the good people at Beerinbigd are keeping an eye on the Houston and Fort Worth beer scene. Mainly a review of bars & pubs, the site also features all the upcoming events in the region. They are also host of TEXtoberfest, a September festival with beer, food, and much more.



This site’s once weekly posting and packed events calendar is more than enough to keep you coming back time and time again to this great blog. It has an excellent top 10 beer spots feature that lets you know exactly where to go for the best beer in Seattle, plus they have a list of all the newest spots in town too. A great blog for anyone who either lives in or is planning to visit Seattle.



South Jersey Beer Scene has all the latest news and events from that part of the U.S. They are one of the very few blogs to support and promote local beer tours, which is very refreshing if you will forgive the pun. They focus on a range of topics, which come under the titles of Beer 101, Beer Biz Profiles, Breweries, Food, and Site News. There is plenty to be learned from this site, including a fascinating article about Imperial Stout Barrel Aged cigars.



This great blog offers nationwide event coverage from all across Canada. Packed with a really diverse range of beer stories, you certainly won’t be at a loss to find something interesting to read here. Best described as a ‘full on’ beer magazine, you can expect a new article every 1 to 2 weeks. Be sure to bookmark the page to make it easy to pop by.



With lots of videos and home brewing tips, The Beer Healer is a kind of alternative beer blog. It still covers the usual beer and brewery reviews, but is chocked full of fun articles that help you learn everything from how to cook ‘beer can chicken’, ending your ‘beer promiscuity’, to how to deal with being called a beer snob. This blog is a refreshing look at the world of beer.



For a beer lover, there are few things more beautiful than pictures of well-designed beer cans and bottles. Craft Beer Time has a section entirely devoted to pictures of great beer receptacles, but be warned, looking at them is almost certainly going to whet your appetite and leave you’re thirsty for a drink! The site produces fun packed articles and even has a ‘Beer Gadget’ section to help you find essential beer accessories.



With a really easy to understand beer taste rating system, you can quickly find out the best beers that D.C, Maryland, and Virginia have to offer. A dedicated beer review blog, it is ideal for no-nonsense people who only want to read pure beer reviews. There is a small beer news section that helps readers to keep up to date with some of the local beer news as well.



This UK based site is setup as a podcast based show where you can listen to the hour long articles that are released on a weekly basis. The great news is that you can now choose to download these blogs as MP3 files and listen to them on the go. Follow the guys as they visit breweries, review different beers, and even give their take on the limited ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ beer set.



One of the most well-designed and fun beer blogs out there, you can read posted articles that have been posted under Polaroid pictures, on almost a daily basis. These articles might not always be the most informative, but they give a clear insight into how real beer lovers like to live their lives. Since setting up the site in 2007, the site has managed 100’s of original blog posts that let you follow a few simple beer lovers on their journey around Europe’s best beer establishments.



This is another great blog that is run by a true lover of craft beer. It features podcast interviews with leading beer brewers to find out the answers to all our frequently asked questions, as well on as many other topics too. The articles also cover a range of issues such as how much faith we should have in beer contest results, to everything you need to know about Mariner Brewing.



The 2015 and 2011 winner of the British Guild of Beer Writers Award for Best beer and travel writing, Des de Moor is continuing on his quest to create an ‘international beer culture that recognizes and celebrates beers of quality’. His blog features top quality articles that delve deeply into exactly what makes a perfect beer. He travels far and wide to review all the world’s top beers, all so that his readers can learn what they are all about.



Richard Coldwell’s beer blog has a real rawness about it. So far he has managed to travel around London, Southern England and large parts of Scotland, chronicling his journey as he goes. His blogs are really humbling, as he focuses on tiny little local pubs and their efforts to bring the best beer to their customers. A really wonderful journal, this blog is a must read for anyone interested in the real British drinking culture.



The site that coined the phrase ‘Beer Sherpa’, it combines first class photography with really interesting articles about everything from what it is like for a one man band European brewer to reviews of famous American craft beer breweries. It is definitely fascinating reading to see where writer Jeff Alworth will find himself next. Wherever it is, it is guaranteed to make for interesting reading, that’s for sure.



Based in Orange, CA, Jessica Rice is a beer and baking enthusiast who began this blog in order to share her love for great cooking and beer with the rest of us. She uses her trips to far away festivals to discover new beers and foods, and then writes interesting articles that share her thoughts and feelings with the rest of us.



Co-author of the popular ‘Craft Beer: 365 Best Beers in The World’, and several other beer books, Chris Hall is also a beer judge who set up this blog to give the rest of us the chance to read his first-hand knowledge and experience on beer. His blog is a comprehensive look into everything from brewing techniques to the best beer festivals.



If you want to learn the most about the global beer world, all under the umbrella of one site, then this is the one for you. With over 20 years of ‘beer tourism’ under the author’s belt, this blog offers a comprehensive journey through the American craft beer scene and craft beer in general. It documents all the great places and beers the author has experienced, as well lets readers know about upcoming festivals and beer tasting events.



One of the newest beer blogs out there, Shadetxcraft is all about Texas beer. The author states his mission as being to document “Texas craft brewing scene that has been growing rapidly for the past 20 years” and to bring this to the attention of the world. In the short time that the website has been online, he has managed to visit an incredible amount of breweries and review lots of Texas’s best craft beers.



Boston has dozens of really good beer blogs, but Happy Boston has to be among the best. Run by a certified Chemist and part-time home brewer, the site offers a scientifically based view into the world of craft beer. It is an ideal site for budding home brewers out there who want a really knowledgeable perspective on how to make good beer.



Definitely a site that is working toward bigger things, follow Hoppy Trails Beer News and never miss a beer event again. The blog has a special news feed for all upcoming events and is packed with great stories that you won’t be able to resist reading. Don’t believe it? Well then, what about this title for being completely tantalizing? – ‘Finding a Dog-Friendly Brewery’.



RetiredMartin.com teams up UK beer knowledge with travel and music topics. With posts like, “Cheesy Chips in High Heel Shoes”, this blog offers plenty of sass and humor along with some enlightening posts about beer and breweries in Cambridge and other areas in the UK. The author discusses a wide range of topics and relates them to certain beers and the experiences he has along with them. It’s very basic site, but as a personal blog, it offers an intimate look into the authors live and love of beer.

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