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ShoutAbout's platform shows millions of people each month how to make a difference after reading news stories they care about. In the process, we provide unique benefits to the news sites and nonprofits with whom we partner.

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The cutting edge of engagement
"ShoutAbout fits perfectly with the overall site strategy for CSMonitor.com, which is to offer meaningful paths to engagement for our readers. ShoutAbout is a cutting-edge way for us to offer strong value to our readers and sponsors."
–Abe McLaughlin, The Christian Science Monitor

ShoutAbout is designed to improve the reader experience at news sites, and it's been heavily tested to drive and measure meaningful engagement. While our service is free, we can also generate revenue through sponsored links.

This is an example, which is easy to customize, add to the site template, and manage. A range of initial links are generated by ShoutAbout, and non-profits and readers power further links.

ShoutAbout Widget Tool

When readers click on a link, ShoutAbout opens it without taking them away from the news site. Our smart toolbar encourages social sharing, helps people to track their engagement, and collects feedback.

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